Introducing Peter’s Dispatch: Weekly notes on photography principles, creativity, and other thoughts.

Peter Gróf
3 min readJan 20, 2022


Photo by Peter Grof, 2021.


You’ve likely dropped in on this page because you read some of my stuff here on Medium. I’d like to introduce you to “Peter’s Dispatch”, a rather (i)regular newsletter where I share my thoughts on photography, creativity, wellbeing, and finding your voice.

Each week, I send out one email newsletter. In it, I share my latest blog posts, and I show you what kept me inspired during the week, so you can enjoy it, too!

If interested, you can sign up for the newsletter on the above link or on this link. I value your privacy. One-click unsubscribe.

Short Guide to my Writing here on Medium

While you wait for the first newsletter to arrive, you can browse my writing here on Medium. I’ve been actively publishing here for a while now, however less often than I care to admit! The work I published here is still relevant and worth reading. I get inspired by reading about photography principles, creativity, and philosophy. That’s why I write about it, too! My topics here on Medium can be summed up in three categories:

1) Photography Philosophy and Principles I believe in

Various topics surrounding photography focused on the “Why”, rather than “How”. I hope these will ignite creative process thinking, as well as help you feel motivated, confident, and eager to put your work out there, regardless of what stage of the photographer’s journey you find yourself at.

2) Photography essentials

Topics for amateurs and professionals alike, who are dealing with a technical aspect of photography — those would be your “How To” articles.

3) Personal Essays

I use writing as a meditative vehicle from time to time. Mostly I cannot publish these, although, there are a few ones where I gathered all my courage and published them. There might be learning or two in them, too!

Enjoy the reading, thank you & see you on the pages!

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