Finding creative ways to be. Photographer, Writer.

Seeking immediate reinforcement vs letting your work mature.

Pressing a shutter button and checking the backscreen for a result. Uploading to Lightroom using Wi-Fi to edit on the go. Posting to Instagram to get an immediate response. From start to finish, maybe less than five minutes. This is the way…

What makes an image a great one? Outstanding? Remembered? Celebrated?

It’s how they make us feel.

Just as in life, also in photography, feelings come from within. They represent attitude, state of mind, they communicate a message. Photography is all about evoking feelings and emotions. They can be hidden and…

On patience, humility, and knowing that sometimes, it’s good to put the camera down.

If you’re like me, someone who looks at photography as a hobby or creative outlet, then a full-time profession, you might sometimes experience other priorities taking over in life. Interventions with your job, family, health, and…

A “gear head”. Whether you consider yourself to be one or not, at some point, you will have to consider a new gear purchase. I try not to be one, but when it comes to my gear, I can get very obsessive about choosing the right tool for my photography.

Peter Gróf

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